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[gn_quote style="1"] (PEV): How would you describe your sound and what makes you different from others in your genre?

Darren Ockert (DO): My sound is synth electro, mixed with guitars, mixed with a pinch of the ’80s – add a dash of vocal harmonies, a little fun and shake it with some lyrical depth and sophistication. The way I differ is that my music is very lyrics focused.

PEV: Growing up in England, what kind of music where you into growing up? Do you remember your first concert?

DO: While growing up in the UK I listened to many Brit-Pop artists of the 1980’s and 90’s such as Wham!, George Michael, Eurythmics, Kylie Minogue (although technically Australian), Erasure, The Petshop Boys, Alison Moyet and Frankie Goes To Hollywood. I also listened to a lot of the big American artists such as Madonna, Janet and Michael Jackson, and Whitney Houston. UK radio is so eclectic compared to US radio so I could be listening to Technotronic, followed by Annie Lennox, followed by ABBA, followed by The Carpenters. I remember listening to my Dad’s John Lennon “Double Fantasy” album on repeat.  The first concert that I ever went to was by a British group call Five Star who were a modern day interpretation of the Jackson 5, except it was three sisters and two brothers.  They had crazy dance routines and wore pretty flamboyant costumes……

Read the entire interview at Pens Eye View