by Howard Stump

I first discovered the music of Darren Ockert as a judge for the 2012 RightOutTV Music & Video Awards, when he won Best Electronic/Dance/Hip-Hop/R&B Song for “This Modern Life (1984)”, off his EP ‘The Rain From London’. I immediately went out to Download the EP, which I loved. It was a great collection of ElectroPop elixirs, eager to fix what ever is ailing you. Darren’s music has a real sparkle to it, and I was eager for more. I was so excited I couldn’t wait when I heard he was getting set to release a new album, I couldn’t restrain myself, and pre-ordered it! I couldn’t wait to get it, and was thrilled when November 12, 2013 finally came, and I could download ‘Short Story Long’!

Needless to say, the moment I got the notice my purchase was available for download, I was hitting the button, getting even more excited. And it only follows suit that I would hit the ‘play’ button the minute it was done, and I got my first taste of ‘Short Story Long’. The first track is “You Don’t Know Me”, a great song I had heard before, and will be hearing for some time to come. I just can’t get enough of it, so I will share with you the music video for “You Don’t Know Me”

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